If youre keen on contact sports like rugby, hockey or even boxing, youll know how important it is to wear the proper protective kit. This includes Dental Mouth Guard, to ensure that fast-flying balls or fists dont cause you any accidental damage.

Sports Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

As well as protecting your teeth and gums from heavy impacts, sports mouthguards glasgow also help to cushion and support your jaw from being knocked out of line. While it may not guarantee to prevent all possibly injuries to your mouth, it will certainly reduce the force of the blow and therefore significantly decrease the scale of damage.
Serious damage to your teeth is not only unattractive and distressing for you, but can often require extensive and expensive treatment to fix too.

Here at Urban Dental, we can fit custom sports mouthguards to give you the best possible protection during your game. During your first appointment we will take a mould of your teeth, which will then be used to manufacture your unique gumshield that fits you perfectly.

For more information about our sportguards, simply give us a call on 0141 332 1101.