Essential oral healthcare and advice is what our urban dental hygienists are here for

Healthy gums = healthier you

As you know by now, Urban-Dental in Glasgow will never push a service onto you that you dont need. Thats why you can trust us when we urge you to book regular appointments with a dental hygienist at our Dental Hygiene clinic in Glasgow.

We appreciate it can be a challenge to fit dental care into your busy lifestyle, but we cannot stress strongly enough the importance of the care a dental hygienist provides for you. While our team of skilled dentists are here to maintain your smile and provide expert treatment when your teeth need it, our Dental Hygiene clinic in Glasgow is well equipped and our hygienists there ensure that your whole mouth is as healthy and well cared for as possible.

Dental Hygienist Treatment Glasgow

Your gums are vital to keeping your smile strong and healthy, but did you know that they can also provide an indicator of your bodys overall well-being? Your hygienist will look after your gums, checking them for signs of disease or damage and providing Glasgow Dental Treatment where necessary. Oral health and physical health often go hand in hand – research has shown that gum disease can be an indicator of cardiovascular issues, including blocked blood vessels, heart disease and strokes.

Good oral health has a positive impact on your whole life too: you will have a better quality of sleep and your concentration levels will increase if your mouth is pain-free. It is suggested that there may even be a link between healthy gums and your memory – so if you want to keep your mind sharp, look after your mouth!

Dental hygienists at Urban-Dental Glasgow not only care for your mouth, but are here to help you look after your oral health throughout your daily life. Your hygienist will be able to answer any questions you might have about caring for your teeth and gums, including advice on how to brush and floss effectively, and which food and drink to avoid to help keep your smile bright and healthy, and even the whole treatment cost.

Our Glasgow Dental Hygienists are an integral part of the Urban-Dental Team, providing you with invaluable care to help you maintain excellent oral health. The benefits of seeing a hygienist regularly are clear, so speak to a member of staff in practice to book an appointment with a hygienist today.

For more information on teeth whitening, or to book an initial consultation, speak to one of the friendly Urban Dental team at our Glasgow City Centre practice on 0141 332 1101.