Whilst most patients undergoing orthodontic treatment usually want to ensure their braces are kept out of sight, more and more celebrities are appearing in public with braces clearly displayed across their smile.

Believe it or not, braces are even being considered a fashion accessory by some, with teenagers in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia even seeking out fake fixed braces to wear in their mouths something we certainly do not recommend!

However, if you are thinking of having orthodontic treatment, a visible fixed brace might be a more stylish choice than you think. Keep reading to discover which A-listers have been seen proudly flashing wires and brackets over their pearly whites.

Emma Watson

Known to millions as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, Watson sported a set of traditional train track fixed braces during 2005. Considering Potter-mania was in full swing and with at least three films of the series under her belt at that point, Watson could easily have opted for invisible aligners instead.

But the young actress showed her fame hadnt gone to her head, wearing her braces for all to see and surely making many thousands of youngsters feel more confident about their own orthodontic treatment by doing so.

Gwen Stefani

As weve already said, adolescents in Asian countries are ill-advisedly going geek chic by investing in fake fixed braces for their front teeth. Its thought to be influenced by American culture thanks to TV characters such as Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty prominently wearing braces on screen.

Pop start Stefani was way ahead of the trend, however, having braces fitted back in 1999 during her days as the lead singer of band No Doubt. Stefani has since admitted that she had the braces fitted more for their look than through a desire to straighten her teeth, partly because she couldnt afford to have them as a teenager.

Tom Cruise

Just after turning 40, Cruise decided to give his smile a tune up by wearing a brace for several months. The actor opted for ceramic brackets on his fixed brace, but did little to disguise the connecting wire, displaying it for all to see.

With one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood, youd think the last thing Cruise would want is orthodontic equipment covering up his smile. But the action hero not only helped to show that braces are for anyone, but also no doubt made many of his fans approaching middle age consider whether to get their misaligned teeth taken care of.

Faye Dunaway

Making Tom Cruise look like a young whippersnapper when it comes to orthodontics, Hollywood icon Dunaway chose to have braces fitted at age 61. You just let your teeth go for a while, she said. But its time to have something done.

Once her braces had done their job, Dunaway also had veneers fitted to protect her newly straightened teeth. Whilst thats an extra choice not everyone would make, the veteran actress certainly proved that age is not an issue when it comes to having orthodontic treatment.

Faith Hill

Another celebrity sporting braces long after their teenage years, country music star Hill wore fixed braces during 2012 and 2013 at the age of 45. But Hills situation was a little different, as it was in fact the second time in her life that shed had orthodontic treatment.

Hill herself explained why she had needed a second course of treatment later on in life. As a teenager, she hadnt worn her retainer, resulting in her teeth relapsing to their uneven positioning as she got older. The singers situation is a prime example of why wearing a retainer if instructed to do so by your orthodontist is so important.

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