Losing a tooth and creating a gap in your smile can seriously knock your confidence. You may think that the only option available to you is a removable denture, but there is another way to restore your smile to its former glory once again: dental implants.

Dental Implants Glasgow surgery at Urban-Dental is the most reliable way of completing your smile, giving you the closest feeling to having your natural tooth in your mouth once again. The missing root is replaced with a hard-wearing titanium screw secured within your jaw, and a prosthetic tooth is then fitted on top.

Benefits to Wearing Dental Implants

There are considerable benefits to wearing dental implants rather than dentures. An implant is far sturdier than a denture, as well as bringing back the confidence your natural tooth once gave you in a way that dentures just cannot deliver. Do you have more than one tooth missing? No problem – you can replace as many missing teeth as necessary with robust and reliable implants.

Its important to remember that, just like your natural teeth, you need to look after a Dental Implant Glasgow in order to keep your smile at its very best. An implant will last for as long as you care for it, making implant surgery a really worthwhile investment in your long-term dental health.

At Urban Dental, you will receive honest advice on whether implants are a suitable option for you. Your surgical procedure will be carried out by our experienced and fully-qualified team, and you will receive impeccable after-care to ensure your implant is secure, healthy and providing you with the confident smile you deserve.

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