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OverviewDentalImplantsWith technology advancing so quickly in the world of dentistry, false teeth (or dentures) are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Dental implants are now more popular than ever before as a replacement for missing teeth whether thats a single tooth or several.

They look natural, act in the same manner as your own teeth and are permanent as opposed to having to be glued into place.

Heres our overview of dental implants.

How implants work

The dental implant itself is the replacement for the root of a lost tooth.

The implant, usually made out of titanium, is attached to the jaw bone with a section left visible. This is where the replacement tooth is attached. Implants can also act as the foundation for bridgework.

Titanium or titanium alloy is used in implants due to its strength, the fact it is so lightweight and because it is bio-compatible. This means your body wont reject it.

Of all the surgical implants which are now available dental implants have far and away the best rates of success.

The criteria that affects whether you can have them or not

The strength of the jaw bone itself is key to the success of a dental implant. As teeth can be lost due to the degradation of this bone, it typically takes an x-ray to determine your suitability for implants.

If the bone is not of sufficient strength or density to support an implant you could be suitable for a bone graft. This is only necessary in severe cases and most people will find that even if they have lost bone along with teeth there will be still be sufficient bone to support an implant.

How much implants will cost you

Dental implants are expensive; but thats because they are expected to last your entire lifetime. You will feel as if you still have your natural teeth.

So long as you look after your teeth and gums and visit your dentist regularly, your implants should be there for life.

This means you shouldnt just look at the cost today; rather look at your implant as a long-term investment.

Many dentists now offer easy payment plans for patients.

Why implants are far superior to dentures

Because an implant is permanent and just like your natural teeth, once it has been fitted you pretty much forget about it. It needs no special care; just the same brushing and flossing you do for your other teeth.

Dentures or false teeth are not so convenient. Dentures have to be cleaned using special powders or by soaking them in a solution.

Any denture wearer will be happy to regale you with their tales of woe. These can include swollen gums where the dentures have been rubbing against them.

To keep dentures in place you have to use an adhesive which can lose its stickiness at the most inopportune moments, such as in a restaurant.

In short, dental implants are dramatically superior to dentures in so many ways.

Colour and positioning

When you have a dental implant, virtually no-one will be able to see that it isnt your natural tooth.

As your replacement tooth will be made specifically for you the colour will be so close to the rest of your teeth even you will be fooled.

This is another critical factor that makes implants a sensible choice for anyone with a missing tooth.

In summary

If you want a brilliant smile again, you should replace your lost teeth with dental implants.

Have a chat with your recommended dentist to see what options are available to you. They will be able to give you an exact price, and talk you through the process in more detail.

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