Are you ready to get your teeth whitened?

ReasonsIf youre considering having your teeth whitened then youre in good company. Thousands of people across the UK and across the world are currently thinking about having the same treatment. Teeth whitening is now the number one most requested cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Even though our teeth really arent meant to be gleaming white, modern lifestyles can make them seem much duller than they should be. Weve compiled this list of 5 of the reasons why you may be considering taking a trip to your recommended dentist and having your teeth whitened.


The most common cause of people seeking teeth whitening. Fizzy drinks, smoking, drinking red wine and many other foods can cause teeth to stain to such an extent that toothpaste just doesnt cut it. If you dont want to give up any of these (and who does, really) then professional teeth whitening will bring you pearly whites back to their former glory.

As a way to help you stop smoking

Quitting the cigs is never easy, it can be stressful suffering from nicotine withdrawal and trying to not put on weight by replacing the cigarettes with food. If you have recently quit then getting your teeth whitened can be a real boost to the cause. Not only is it a reward for a job done well, but you wont want to stain those lovely white teeth by lighting up.

For special occasions

Weddings, christenings, class reunions there are 101 reasons why you want to look your very best. You can guarantee that numerous pictures will be taken at these events. Seeing as most people show their teeth when they really smile, make sure your teeth make you look amazing. Especially since people will be pouring over the photos on Facebook the next day.

To boost your self esteem and confidence

Nothing quite boosts your confidence or self esteem like the knowledge that you have a great smile and lovely white teeth. Yellow or stained teeth are embarrassing, and being embarrassed to smile can be the start of a slippery slope into self loathing and zero confidence. With that new improved smile you are much more likely to have more confidence in your appearance. And if you look good you feel good; its a win win situation.

Just because teeth really do show your true age

As we hit middle age our teeth can start to look a lot older than you actually feel. Depending on how well youve looked after them, teeth can start to take on a yellow and eventually brown tinge. If your teeth look old they make you feel old, which is never good. If you have taken care of your appearance and your overall body makes you look years younger than your passport says you are, teeth whitening could be just the thing you need to complement your good looks.

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